Zoho CRM Review

05.23.22 07:29 AM By Noe

Zoho CRM is an application that allows you to manage the relationships with your customers, keep up with your sales process, save time with automations, and more. Overall, navigate, search, see notifications, create and modify records is straightforward. But this CRM also has many advanced options, so it is adapted to different types of companies.

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  • Webforms:they are used to transfer information from your website to any of the modules you have.
  • Blueprints: they guide users on what actions should be taken and when.
  • Workflows: customizable rules and conditions can be created that initiate actions directly in the CRM.
  • Signals: this feature gives you information about the records you follow or have created.
  • Sandbox: it allows you to clone your CRM account to test features or make changes.


This is a highly customizable CRM. Some of the features I highlight are the following:
  • You can create different layouts for each role and profile, adding the fields you want, adding sections and modifying the detail view of your modules. 
  • It is possible to create your own modules, obtain reports and analyze them.
  • Templates can be created to reuse information that you frequently send to your contacts. 
  • Pipelines can also be customized, and if you work with people who speak different languages you can manage translations. 
  • You can create blueprints that optimize processes in your organization.
  • If you want to do things outside the established you can create your own functions.


  • Workflows allow you to automate many time-consuming tasks on a daily basis.
  • It is possible to trigger actions in other applications outside of Zoho CRM with Webhooks.
  • With Assignment Rules you can configure rules to assign records to different users.


  • Zoho CRM integrates with 600+ applications without writing code. You can find them in the Zoho Marketplace.
  • The most common integrations between Zoho products are Zoho Books and Zoho Projects. It also integrates with applications such as RingCentral, PandaDoc, Stripe and Zapier (that allows Zoho CRM to work with many other applications that do not yet have a native integration).