Software Consulting


Software Consulting

Generate, capture, admin, and convert leads with our proven system. From Google and Facebook Ads to your CRM.

Every company wants to maximize its revenue potential, and our Sales Accelerator is made to assist you in doing just that. We increase your sales by setting up and optimizing Google and Facebook Ads, creating landing pages and forms, and setting up the CRM that will manage the leads generated. We also set up marketing campaigns to nurture the leads and convert them into customers.

Don't let your sales stagnate; instead, use our Sales Accelerator service to boost your company's growth and realize all of its potential.

 The  system

 The  System

Google and Facebook Ads

Our specialty is in developing and improving advertising campaigns on Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads, the biggest ad platforms. We make sure that these campaigns seamlessly match the budget you have allotted by using meticulous optimization techniques.

Landing Pages or Website

Using your existing website infrastructure or a landing page builder, our qualified team creates personalized landing pages. These pages are essential for increasing conversions and successfully interacting with your target audience.

Content Creation and Publishing

We produce captivating posts and articles that are customized especially for your blog and social media accounts. Our committed team makes sure that this content is seamlessly published across all of your online channels, including email marketing campaigns, to increase visibility and engagement.

CRM Setup

We facilitate the setup of Zoho CRM to manage your generated leads. Through this platform, you have access to in-depth analytics and reports that can help you improve your lead generation. The CRM can be customized to manage contacts, accounts, and deals as well. Alternatively, we can easily incorporate your existing CRM solution into our workflow if you already have one.

Lead Nurturing

In order to nurture your leads and direct them down the path to becoming loyal customers, we go above and beyond by implementing sophisticated email and SMS marketing automations. Our strategies put a strong emphasis on personalized interactions, ensuring that your leads get specialized content and encounters that improve their relationship with your brand.

 Our  Process

 Our  Process

Kick-off meeting

In-depth learning

Ads campaign set up

Landing pages creation

CRM set up

Campaign optimization

Sales Accelerator Pricing

Sales Accelerator Pricing

Level 1

Initial set up

$ 999

Monthly $250


Google and Facebook Ads (2); Landing Pages (2); CRM Setup

Level 2

Initial set up

$ 1199

Monthly $500


Everything in L1 +
Content Creation and Publishing (2/month)

Level 3

Initial set up

$ 1599

Monthly $600


Everything in L2 +
Lead Nurturing (1 automation)