Software Consulting


Software Consulting

 We are  Zoho Partners

 We are  Zoho Partners

Zoho has officially certified us, demonstrating our expertise in:

Consult on product and business

Develop and integrate solutions

Get the most out of Zoho products

Learn how to navigate the broad range of Zoho solutions

Learn from the experiences of other customers

Train your internal teams

Customize and implement the products to fit your business

 Best  Zoho One Applications

 Best  Zoho One Applications

These are the Zoho One most used applications:

Zoho CRM icon


Manage all your company's relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers. Connect with them wherever they are, save more time with automation and get real-time reports and insights.


Plan your projects, assign work, track your tasks, manage resources and collaborate with your team efficiently. Use Gantt charts, save time on routine tasks using workflows and log every minute with timesheets.

Zoho Cliq icon


Collaborate with your team from anywhere, call your mates, search for messages, find files shared in a conversation, centralize your workflows and never forget a task or meeting by having the calendar schedule right where you collaborate.
Zoho Books icon


Manage your finances, automate business workflows and work collectively across departments. Do the end-to-end accounting with this simple and scalable software.

Zoho People icon


Deliver exceptional employee experiences, optimize your time and attendance and reimagine learning and development.

Zoho Campaigns icon


Create responsive designs, customize messages, deliver emails to inboxes, trigger automated workflows. Use the A/B test and the advanced email automation.

​Zoho's 45+ helps with your sales and marketing, support and collaboration, finance and recruitment processes - letting you focus on your business.

 What  we do

 What  we do



We will assist you with the process of putting the selected software solution into action, sharing knowledge and advice gained from our experiences along the way.



Simplify processes, save time, increase efficiency. We identify time-consuming tasks and processes, and create automations.



We provide ongoing support from the start, assisting and counseling our clients on choices regarding the software. We also address problems that might arise with Zoho One.

 Our  Process

 Our  Process

Kick-off meeting

In-depth learning

Proposing solutions

App Implementation and Optimization

Migrating data


Support and training

 Our  Process

 Our  Process

Zoho One Consulting Pricing

Zoho One Consulting Pricing

Level 1


10 hours/month

Level 2


15 hours/month

Level 3


20 hours/month



Choose how many hours/month 

you need

What is included?

Zoho Cliq Support Channel, Implementation of new apps, Integration of apps (including external apps), Optimization of processes, Monitoring, Ono-on-one meetings, Access to Blungo's knowledge database, Latest feature implementation, Custom business intelligence dashboards.


What is a Zoho Partner?

A Zoho Partner is a certified expert in implementing and customizing Zoho products to fit your business needs.

What industries does Blungo work with?

We have experience working with a wide range of industries.

Does Blungo offer Zoho One training?

Yes, we offer a comprehensive course on Zoho One. You can access it here

Additionally, we can schedule one-on-one sessions with your employees if needed.

I already use some Zoho Apps. Can I switch to Zoho One?

Yes, absolutely! You can seamlessly transition to Zoho One and enjoy the benefits of having all Zoho apps integrated into a single suite.