Zoho CRM vs Zoho Bigin

08.17.22 01:45 AM By Noe

These are 2 CRM apps made by Zoho, so it could be confusing to decide which one is best for your business. If you have a Zoho One account, these 2 apps are included, so you will be able to try out both of them before making the decision.

Below we will see the comparison between both applications, taking into account 3 categories:
  1. User interface, navigability and administration
  2. Features
  3. Integrations

User interface, navigability and administration

Zoho Bigin
  • Modern user interface
  • The search bar is always visible, and very interactive. 
  • Quick access to the notifications and "signals" upside. 
  • Buttons with clear actions, and well positioned. 
  • The records have a modern look, displaying relevant info on the right, and related info on the center, like the timeline, notes and activities. 
  • The settings menu is simple and well organized, making it easy to find what you are looking for.
Zoho CRM
  • The user interface is not modern as Bigin. 
  • There are a lot of modules available besides the basics. 
  • Customizable home screen. 
  • Hidden search bar (when you start typing, the results start showing up).
  • The Deals module looks very similar to the one in Bigin, and it's customizable as well. 
  • The record page has a lot of more information that Bigin, and it's super customizable.
  • The settings menu has more options that Bigin (you can always use the search bar to find what you are looking for).

Personal opinion (User interface, navigability and administration)

I think Zoho Bigin has a nicer interface, and in general the elements, records and settings are better organized. But keep in mind that Zoho CRM has a lot of modules, record types, and features, so it's more complex to keep everything organized.


Zoho Bigin
  • Only basic features. 
  • Customizable fields in the layout.
  • Is not possible to create custom modules. 
  • Workflows are available (but they only allow to send emails, create tasks and update fields). 
  • Webforms that you can use to create a form to input data directly in the CRM. 
  • It is possible to set multiple currencies. 
Zoho CRM
  • Advanced features.
  • Customizable fields in the layout.
  • Customizable modules through Canvas (new feature).
  • Advanced workflows and automations. It is possible to trigger custom functions which expands your possibilities.
  • Blueprints are available (to make sure your employees follow their process)
  • The sandbox allows you to test your changes before deploying them to your live CRM. 
  • Leads module (used to keep leads there until they are ready to be converted into contacts).
  • Webforms.
  • Multiple currencies.

Personal opinion (features)

I think Zoho CRM is way superior in this category given the amount of features that are available, that will let you automate your sales process. Bigin has the basics covered, but there are other CRMs like Hubspot or Pipedrive that have more features than Bigin.


Zoho Bigin
  • Integrates with:
    • Google and Office 365
    • Other Zoho apps like Books, Campaigns and Desk. 
    • Zapier (helps with connecting Bigin with other apps that don't have a native integration yet). 
    • Zoho Flow (does the same as Zapier). It is included in Zoho One.
    • Voice over IP phone systems (like RingCentral).
  • API available (if you want to build your own integration).
Zoho CRM
  • Marketplace available (with integrations and extensions). 
  • Integrates with:
    • Google or Microsoft Email, Calendar and Contacts.
    • Other Zoho apps like Zoho Projects, Survey, Desk, Analytics, Webinar, Sign, Campaigns and Contracts.
    • Zapier.
    • Zoho Flow.
    • Voice over IP phone systems.
  • API available (if you want to build your own integration).

Personal opinion (integrations)

Zoho CRM is definitely better in this category because the amount of integrations you can find, as well as the option to install extensions that bring extra functionality to the system.


Zoho Bigin


Free version: 1 user

Zoho CRM


Free version: 3 users

Zoho One

+40 apps (Zoho Bigin & Zoho CRM included)


I recommend using Zoho Bigin if you are just starting your business, or maybe if you have never used a CRM before, and don't have much time to set up features that you are probably not going to need. Also it's more affordable, which makes it more budget friendly. Bigin does it's job really well, letting you keep track of your sales, with some basic customizations.

You should set up Zoho CRM if you are already familiar with a CRM, and maybe you are looking for a more advanced system that can handle automations and integrations, and gives you more control over what the users can do. Also if your company has several people involved in the sales process, and maybe different departments get information from the CRM, Zoho CRM is the best option. Just keep in mind that you will need time and practice to set up all the features available.

If you want to see the complete list of features, and be able to compare prices depending on the versions of each application, click on the following button: