Case Study - Biosphere Consulting

11.01.22 12:08 AM By Noe
Biosphere Consulting Inc. is a small business that designs sustainable, environmentally-friendly onsite wastewater and rainwater catchment systems in Northern California. 
Before Blungo
Before contacting Blungo, Biosphere did not have a central place to view their project related tasks, as they were all tracked in various applications. 
With Blungo
With the help of Blungo they decided that Zoho Projects was the best solution for the challenges that came along with not having a centralized way to view their projects. 
For the first few months Blungo implemented Zoho Projects and developed project templates with more than 100 tasks per template. Once Zoho Projects was implemented, everytime a project was created tasks were automatically assigned to each member as each task had dependencies with successors, pre-successors, as well as priorities, due dates, and important information about it. 
Part two of Biosphere’s journey with Blungo was to implement Zoho CRM so they could track sales. 
Now when they close a sale they move the opportunity to a specific stage in the CRM and a project is created. 
Using two Zoho applications means that there is an integration between Zoho CRM and Zoho Projects, allowing the two to seamlessly work together. Two additional applications that Biosphere uses (Gmail and Dropbox) are also integrated within Zoho CRM and Zoho Projects.

Centralizing the tasks in Zoho Projects saved them a lot of time that was otherwise used to track the tasks across different applications. Saving this time has allowed them to focus more on their clients and the services they offer.