Case Study - Ilana's Method

11.23.22 05:03 AM By Noe
Ilana’s Method is a small family owned business based in Vancouver that sells online gym classes that you can take from the comfort of your home. 
Before Blungo
Before connecting with Blungo, their lead generation process was functioning, but they were lacking organization in tracking their sales and class attendance. For example, they had been tracking their sales on spreadsheets, which became challenging to keep tabs on as their business grew. 
With Blungo
After brainstorming different solutions with Blungo, they decided to implement Zoho CRM and Zoho Sign. All of the leads are now managed in Zoho CRM and when individuals are ready to become clients, Ilana’s Method sends a contract through Zoho Sign. Using Zoho Sign has allowed clients to sign quickly, and for the team at Ilana’s method to seamlessly integrate this information with Zoho CRM. 
Blungo also created a custom module to track class attendance, which works with a different database so they can see how many classes specific students have already taken/how many they have left in their membership plan. To do this, Blungo used Zoho Flow (a connector application) that helps pass information between different apps that don’t have a native integration. As a result of this integration, when clients are getting closer to the last classes in their membership plan, Ilana’s method automatically gets notified so they can see if that student is interested in taking more classes. 

Lastly, Zoho Campaigns was implemented to send email marketing campaigns, which has helped grow their business even further. 

Centralizing the leads and tracking deals in the CRM gave the team at Ilana’s Method more time to focus on sales and increase their advertising budget, which improved the lead generation by 30%.

Zoho apps used

Zoho CRM

Zoho Sign

Zoho Flow

Zoho Campaigns