Case Study - Moriarty's Roofing

09.26.22 10:58 PM By Noe

Moriarty’s Roofing is a small family owned business that was started nearly 20 years ago in Santa Cruz, California. They first began working as a small office team of 3 and have since grown to nearly 10 people.

Before Blungo
Before contacting Blungo, they had been using:
  • Self hosted email
  • Copper CRM
  • Dropbox for storage
With Blungo
To start, Blungo helped Moriarty’s Roofing make the switch from Dropbox and a self hosted email to the Google Suite applications. They now use Google Workspace (gmail, google calendar, and google drive, google forms etc), which resolved their storage challenges.

After Blungo’s evaluation of the current sales process and what administrative applications Moriarty’s Roofing was using they decided the next step was to switch to Zoho CRM. They selected Zoho as there were a lot of features that they needed such as sending emails from the CRM, using webforms to get leads from the website to the CRM, and tracking visitors from the website. Blungo also implemented other applications like Zoho Desk to manage all of the incoming customer emails. Now that everything is in the same place, all the teams at Moriarty’s Roofing can access those emails and nothing gets lost in an individual mailbox.

Additionally, Sales IQ was implemented to support chat on the website so visitors could message with the sales team directly and ask questions when they were on the website. Zoho Projects is used to track all of the different projects so when a deal is closed all the information gets sent to the CRM. From here it is moved to Zoho Projects so the production part of the process can be tracked. Zoho Campaigns has also been helpful for Moriarty’s Roofing to send email marketing campaigns, such as monthly newsletters.

Lastly, Blungo created automations in the CRM, campaigns, and salesIQ, using Zoho Flow to connect and automate other apps like Google Drive and Quickbooks.

Thanks to the software and automations implemented, the productivity at the office increased, and more than 1K tasks/week are completed automatically, saving the employees approximately 40 hours/week.

Applications implemented

Google Workspaces

Zoho CRM

Zoho Desk

Zoho Sites

Zoho Analytics

Zoho Flow

Google Campaigns 

Zoho Cliq

Zoho Sales IQ

Zoho Social

Zoho Survey

Zoho Projects