Set Up Subdomains for Zoho Apps

03.20.23 02:14 AM By Andy

What we are going to do

In this article you are going to find a series of tips that will help you with setting up subdomains for Zoho apps. Watch the video for the full tutorial.


  • On the example we are using Zoho Bookings, but the process is very similar on other Zoho Apps.
  • Some Zoho Apps require you to add a verification subdomain to your DNS, besides the actual subdomain you want to use. So, you will be adding 2 records.
  • After you add the DNS records, you might have to wait up to 48 hours until they are ready.
  • Once you are able to verify the domain, you have to wait until Zoho installs an SSL Certificate to ensure encryption.
  • You can use subdomains on these Zoho Apps: Bookings, LandingPage, Desk (Knowledge Database), Recruit (Portals) , Projects, Books, Cliq, Forms, Meetings, Workdrive, Sites, Connect, People, and a lot more.