We are Zoho One implementation experts

Software Consulting


We are Zoho One implementation experts

Software Consuslting

​Zoho's 45+ helps with your sales and marketing, support and collaboration, finance and recruitment processes - letting you focus on your business.

In addition to our experience with Zoho, we have an official accreditation that guarantees our knowledge.

 Best  applications

 Best  applications

These are the Zoho One most used applications:

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Manage all your company's relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers. Connect with them wherever they are, save more time with automation and get real-time reports and insights.

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Plan your projects, assign work, track your tasks, manage resources and collaborate with your team efficiently. Use Gantt charts, save time on routine tasks using workflows and log every minute with timesheets.

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Collaborate with your team from anywhere, call your mates, search for messages, find files shared in a conversation, centralize your workflows and never forget a task or meeting by having the calendar schedule right where you collaborate.

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Manage your finances, automate business workflows and work collectively across departments. Do the end-to-end accounting with this simple and scalable software.

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Deliver exceptional employee experiences, optimize your time and attendance and reimagine learning and development.

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Create responsive designs, customize messages, deliver emails to inboxes, trigger automated workflows. Use the A/B test and the advanced email automation.

 Our  services

 Our  services

As Zoho One experts, we can provide the following services:


We carry out the complete implementation of Zoho One, training its users and administrators, focusing on a simple digital transformation of the company.

Technical support

We solve issues that may appear in Zoho One. We also create automations and set up new configurations that help improve information integration.

 Zoho's 40+  applications

 Zoho's 40+  applications

Here is a brief description of the 40+ applications included in Zoho One:


Zoho CRM is used to manage the sales process and client communications. It is one of the most important apps to use in a business.

Bigin is used to manage the sales process and client communications. It is one of the most important apps to use in a business.

Bookings is used to manage the sales process and client communications. It is one of the most important apps to use in a business.


Marketing automation is a platform that allows you to manage any marketing activities across multiple channels.

Campaigns is used to create email marketing campaigns.

Social manages all your social media in one place.

Survey can be used to create surveys that you can send to the contacts. Then you can see reports and analytics about the data collected.

Forms is a form builder app used to create forms.

Sites is a website builder like Squarspace or Wix, that lets you create and host your own website. It is possible to set up a blog here. 

Pagesense is a platform that tracks user behavior on your website, so you can see how they interact with your different pages. 

SalesIQ is another app that you can add to the website, so you can chat with the visitors, as well as see visitor information, like where they are from and how much time they spent on the website. 

Backstage helps you to organize all event activities, create a landing page for the event, as well as set up and sell tickets.

Commerce is an e-commerce platform similar to Shopify, where you can create your online store and sell products.


Desk is used to centralize all support related communications between the employees and the customers

Assist, used to do remote support. 

Lens is similar to Zoho Assist, but the main difference is that it's focused on support equipment instead of computers. 


Zoho Mail is similar to Gmail or Outlook. 

Cliq is a chat app similar to Slack.


Projects is a project management app that can track tasks, timesheets, milestones and more. 

Sprints is another project management tool, but it uses the 'agile' methodology, normally used for software development.

Connect is a private social network for the company, where all the users can share information, pictures, videos and more. 

Learn is a platform that lets you create articles, classes and courses that you can use to train your employees.

TeamInbox is an email application where you can set up a company email and share it with multiple users, so all of them have access to all the emails in that inbox.

Meeting is an app similar to Zoom, that you can use to have virtual meetings. 

WorkDrive is a cloud storage solution, like Google Drive or Dropbox. 


Zoho Writer is similar to Microsoft Word.

Zoho Sheet is like Microsoft Excel.

Zoho Show can be compared with Microsoft PowerPoint.

Sign allows you to send documents that require an electronic signature.

Notebook is a note taking app where you can add text, pictures and voice to your notes, and share them for collaboration.

Vault is a password manager app, where is possible to store passwords and sensitive information.


Books is an accounting software similar to Quickbooks.

Invoice is similar to Books, but has less capabilities.

Expense is used to report expenses, track millage, manage travel itineraries, and get reimbursements.

Checkout is used to process payments online.

Payroll, with this app you can run payroll, automating any calculations for taxes and employee compensation.


Subscriptions is used to create and manage recurring bills and subscriptions. 

Inventory is a stock management app that can be used to control the inventory, and manage and track the shipping status of the orders.

Human Resources

People is a human resource app where you can manage all your employees.

Recruit is an applicant tracking system that will help you with your hiring process.

Business Process

Creator is a development platform that you can use to create apps for your business.

Analytics is used to add and analyze different data sources.

Zoho Flow is an app used to create workflows to automate business processes.

DataPrep is a tool that lets you understand and edit your databases in an easy way. You can upload spreadsheets and find duplicates, typos, inconsistencies, and more.


Contracts allows you to manage the lifecycle of a contract, including the creation of the contract, approvals, negotiation, and signature.