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Case Study - Moriarty's Roofing

09.26.22 10:58 PM By Noe - Comment(s)
Case Study - Moriarty's Roofing
Thanks to the software and automations implemented, the productivity at the office increased, and more than 1K tasks/week are completed automatically, saving the employees approximately 40 hours/week.

Zoho One Top 10 Most Useful Apps

04.10.22 09:10 AM By Andy - Comment(s)
Zoho One Top 10 Most Useful Apps

Zoho One is a suite of 40 plus apps that you can use to run your business, but today we are going to focus on the 10 most useful ones in my opinion.

I've been using Zoho One for 2 years now, and helped 7 different companies to implement Zoho One from scratch, so in this list I'm sharing the apps that...

Assign task automatically to user field in Zoho CRM

07.18.21 11:53 AM By Andy - Comment(s)

In this tutorial we are going to create a workflow that will assign a task to a user that is not the record owner. In the example we will work on the Opportunities module (deals), and will create a function that is going to create and assign a task to the user that is selected in the Sales Support f...

Automatically create a project when deal is won (Zoho Projects and CRM)

07.05.21 03:51 PM By Andy - Comment(s)

In this tutorial we are going to set up a workflow and a function that will create a project in Zoho Project, after a deal was modified in Zoho CRM. When a user makes specific changes in Zoho CRM, like updating the deal stage, this will trigger a workflow that will call a function, and this function...

How to find Zoho Project APIs names using Zoho CRM

07.02.21 11:55 AM By Andy - Comment(s)

This tutorial will show you how to use Zoho CRM to find Zoho Project's APIs names, for system fields and custom fields. This has been tested using Zoho One, and Zoho CRM+.

  1. In CRM, go to developer space and the to connections
  2. Click on Add new connection, and select ZohoOAuth
  3. Connection name: relateproje...